True crime obsessed, murder fantasist and lazy writer CARYS, is failing – full on failing. 27 years old. Dumped. No house. No job. No idea what’s going to happen next. Carys is back where she was 10 years ago – only now she’s got a 2:1 and no hymen.

A bilingual, darkly comic, raw portrayal of Cardiff’s lost generation, Merched Parchus is ie ie productions’ first short form drama series. Written by and starring Hanna Jarman and Mari Beard, Merched Parchus is a commentary on what it’s really like for Cardiff’s desensitised, social media generation of 20-30 somethings – as they strive to live, love and get their shit together.

Watch Merched Parchus now on S4C Clic.

Written by: Hanna Jarman & Mari Beard
Producer: Alice Lusher
Director: Claire Fowler